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Guys, do you remember how much I loved Hex Hall??? Cause I totally did. So I immediately ordered the other books in the sequel and once Demonglass came in the mail I knew it had to be my next read!

And I totally loved Demonglass as well! It's been about a month since I finished Hex Hall and I immediately felt connected to Sophie again, I love it when that happens! She has such a ME sense of humor, I loved it! And I thought she was dealing with everything going on pretty well, I don't know if I would have reacted the same way to a parent who'd been absent for pretty much all my life showing up and wanting to spend summer break with me. Or with my crush being The Enemy. Sometimes I got a bit annoyed at Sophie's friends and family because they were chastising her about the whole Archer thing, but seriously, she's 17, LAY OFF! You're not supposed to make all the right choices when you're 17, that's the whole point of growing up, you get to learn what's right and wrong.
Ahum, end of that rant.

So this time Sophie and Jenna go to England to spend the summer there, it was nice to have a change of scenery, even though I did really come to love Hecate. And Cal, Cal the sexy groundskeeper/healer went with them! And while he is undeniably the 'better choice', I'm still team Archer, that boy is just *sigh*. I don't blame Sophie for having a crush on him.

Without wanting to give anything away, I have to say that Demonglass is filled with political intrigue and family bonding, exploring friendships, learning to control powers and some seriously heartbreaking parts! The ending leaves me REALLY glad that Spell Bound is already on its way here because HOLY CRAP I don't know how I would have lasted an entire YEAR between those books! Demonglass absolutely did not suffer from second book syndrome and I'm just in love with this series and Rachel Hawkins' writing!

My rating: 5 stars