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What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang In What's Left of Me Kat Zhang introduces us to a really interesting concept: people being born with two souls in one body, where the norm is that after a couple of years, one of the souls vanishes and the dominant one takes over. A sort of natural selection. But what if the soul doesn't vanish? Eva didn't vanish and she and Addie are still together. Eva is the 'recessive' soul, Addie controls their body. It was pretty awesome how Kat Zhang managed to make Eva a lively character, even when for the most part she couldn't actually DO much of anything. She was a vibrant personality without much of a voice heard by anyone other than Addie.

And while I felt like I knew Eva, I never felt the same way about Addie. Which is kinda weird, cause most of Eva's life and thoughts revolve around Addie. I sometimes didn't very much like Addie and I'm not even really sure why. I get that she was grasping for control of their situation, but sometimes I wanted to shake her really badly.
This may be out of context for those not having read the book, I don't want to give anything away, but I felt really bad for them and the whole situation with their parents and their brother, and if I'd been them I'd have felt SO betrayed. I know it was an impossible choice, but seriously, I felt like her parents should have done something.

The institution is REALLY CREEPY. Seriously, it's kinda scary what people can do under the name of 'helping' people. It was sort of like the creepy experiments that went on during World War II. And while I felt like I should have been on the edge of my seat reading about it and not being able to stop myself turning the pages, I wasn't. I was kinda sitting and waiting for them to actually DO something.

So I'm kinda in the middle out this book. I thought the concept was really cool and original and I did like reading it, but I never felt that connection that makes me want to READ until I just can't read no more, you know?
Though I will probably pick up the second book because I do think hybrids are pretty interesting.

My rating: 3 stars