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The Mephisto Kiss: The Mephisto Covenant Book 2 - Trinity Faegen ***WARNING: SPOILEERS LIKELY FOR BOOK 1***

You might remember how I was a bit on the fence about The Mephisto Covenant and had some issues with it. I'm glad to say The Mephisto Kiss worked better for me!

Jordan is a much stronger main character than Sasha was, she's used to living in the spotlight and has had to deal with loss before and is just in general for me someone I could relate more to. Unlike Sasha, she definitely has some backbone and I like that. I liked that she didn't just accept right from the bat that she 'belonged' with a guy she'd never met before and that she couldn't return to her old life and her old boyfriend. I mean, it's a huge adjustment and I cannot imagine anyone being ok with it right from the start.

I also appreciated that we got to know Eryx a little better. I like when the bad guy has a backstory and is more of a real character than just an excuse for the story to revolve around. I didn't really get why everyone at Jordan's high school was so charmed by Eryx, because he just seems really creepy to me, but it's all part of his special powers apparantly.

Jordan and Key have a complicated relationship and at times I wondered if they were ever going to make it work, but there was a much more gradual growth in their relationship than there was between Jax and Sasha and I liked it. I was also pretty surprised by something that happened towards the end and I'm still slightly unsure how they bended the rules and turned it back around because I was kinda sure they couldn't. Oh well, I'm all for a happy ending of course.

I still felt sometimes that we just get dumped in the middle of the story and like I missed the part where they explained some of the background, but I'm pretty sure I didn't skip any pages. And I couldn't help but feel annoyed at Sasha, especially when she was crying for no reason.

I think I know who the next brother to get his own book will be (I'm not a genius, it's pretty obvious) and if it plays out like I think it will, their story has the chance to be really heartbreaking.
I definitely think the series picked up from the first book and while there were some things that annoyed me, I did really enjoy reading it!

My rating: 4 stars