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Don't You Forget About Me - Alexandra Potter Guys, I remember when I used to read pretty much nothing but chicklit. And while I appreciate the range of genres I've gotten to know since then, I still love to revisit my old friends every now and then. And Alexandra Potter has never disappointed me before!

There's just something about Alexandra Potter's writing that makes me get sucked into the story. I think it's mostly that she writes about things I can wholeheartedly relate to and she just gets it right. I mean, haven't we all at one point thought 'what if I'd never met him?' or 'if I could do it all over, I'd do this, this and this differently'? I have. I've been extremely lucky, meeting the boyfriend when I was almost 18, but before him I did have some relationshiops and I'd always blame myself when things didn't work out. I love how Alexandra Potter captured all of those insecurities and the feeling of needing to be different for a guy to like you into this novel.

I really liked Tess. Even though I thought she should take her job a little more seriously, she is a nice person, she's just a little obsessed with Seb. Who was a bit of a douche if you ask me. I loved Tess' loyalty to her friend Fiona and thought it was pretty funny that she was trying to get Fiona to stop being a different person around one of her friends when she was making all these adjustment and feigning interest in stuff she hated to have a relationship with Seb.

And I really, REALLY liked Tess' grandfather. He was awesome, I would have loved having a grandfather like him. He's got the whole charming rebel thing going on in his home for the elderly, smoking and gambling. I loved that he was so proud of Tess and supported her in everything she did.

And then there's the other guy, who I won't name in fear of spoilers, but he's amazing and kind and just gets Tess and I was SO rooting for him! And wanting to shake Tess, screaming WHY WON'T YOU JUST SEE THIS GUY?? Admittedly, he was pretty impulsive and some of his side story wa kinda unbelievable, but the point is that he is awesome. And a good guy. I like good guys.

Alexandra Potter is one of my go-to authors when I'm looking for a cute chicklit and Don't You Forget About Me didn't disappoint me at all! It was sweet and funny and I loved exploring the question of 'what if you could do it all over again'.

My rating: 4 stars