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The Duke and I - Julia Quinn Guys, you know how much I love my historical romance. And after MANY recommendations from one of my Broke and Bookish buddies Julia, I FINALLY got my butt in gear and started The Duke and I. And now I'm gonna officially call myself a Julia Quinn fan!

I really loved A Night Like This when I read it last year and have been meaning to read another one of Julia Quinn's books ever since. And The Duke and I did not disappoint! It's full of the witty writing that I came to love in A Night Like This. I love that Julia Quinn combines all the swoony parts with laugh out loud funny moments, it's not easy to do right!

Daphne was a decent heroine who knows what she wants and Simon is pretty damaged, but still a swoonworthy hero. And together they bring all the sparks! I lvoed their interactions and how Daphne isn't afraid to call him out on things she doesn't like or to laugh at him. I mean, sure, I would have liked for them to work things out with words most of the time rather than doing some of the (in my opinion) relationship-destructive things they did. But of course it all works out in the end, so I'm good with it.

And seriously, I LOVE Daphne's mama! You can see the love between her and her children, but I just adored that while her sons think they're 'escaping' their mother, they don't see how they're manipulated into doing an escape trick because their mother wants time to herself. I loved it!

It didn't make me cry and I would have liked some things to be done a bit differently, but nonetheless, The Duke and I was such an enjoyable read and I'm already loving my first glimps into the Bridgerton family! I've already ordered The Viscount Who Loved Me because I've heard it's even better!

My rating: 4,5 stars