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Lord of Wicked Intentions - Lorraine Heath I really enjoyed Lord of Temptation and Deck the Halls With Love, earlier books in this series and I was really excited to start Lord of Wicked Intentions! And I wasn't disappointed!

Evelyn is the illegitimate child of an earl and though her father loved her very much, he didn't really think she was fit for polite society, or so she discovers after his death. Her brother, who is a hateful man, decides to try and buy off his debt through selling his half-sister as a mistress to vile men. Of course Rafe steps in and makes some death threaths and whisks Evelyn away to his own mansion.

Evelyn was pretty naive. I get that she's been sheltered and everything, but well, she's got that starry-eyed child sens around her and it kinda annoyed me at times. I did like that she doesn't hang her head, but accepts what life has thrown at her and makes the most of it.

Rafe is a pretty hard man. Circumstances have made him that way and I liked that although he thinks he's all mister tough guy, he secretly has this really big heart and does things for people without them realizing it and without expecting gratitude. I just wanted so bad for him to give his brothers another chance and to have him be a part of the family again! And for all his taking Evelyn away to become his mistress, I liked that he waited for her to be ok with intimacies and get to know him a bit.

So I know that in romance novels in general if one half of the couple is a little 'broken', love (and sex, let's be honest) cures this all of a sudden. But really, I was just sort of not convinced here. I mean, he has had a problem with people touching him for YEARS. And suddenly he's completely ok with it. Yeah... I'm not buying this.

They did have really good chemistry and some things that happened towards the end made me cry and I love when books make me cry! There were a couple of things that made me roll my eyes, but overall this was a very enjoyable read!

My rating: 4 stars