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I really enjoyed Of Poseidon when I read it and really liked the lovestory between Emma and Galen, they really made me root for them and feel EVERYTHING. And yeah, there was pretty much a cliffhanger at the end that left me going GAH! I NEED THE NEXT BOOK! So yeah, I was pretty excited about starting Of Triton. I still haven't gotten over my Ariel-induced mermaid obsession :)

Of Triton picks up where Of Poseidon ended, or a little after that, with Emma drugged and kidnapped by her own mother. Which in all honesty, seemed a bit extreme to me. Emma's mother and I do not really hit it off and I rolled my eyes because of things she did a lot. I seriously get wanting to protect your kid, but well, it just seemed a bit off and while I thought it was nice Emma's mother and Grom were united, they seemed a bit too all over eachother at first for two people over 50. I don't know, I guess I just don't really respect her as a mom-figure, though she did redeem herself a bit in the end.

Aside from this, I really enjoyed Of Triton. I loved getting to know more about the mermaid-politics and there's enough intrigue to keep me entertained! I'm actually kinda sad that most of the novel took place on land, because, well, I KNOW land, I want to explore more of this gorgeous underwater world! I did love that we got to meet Goliath again, he is one awesome whale-pet!

I actually liked that in Of Triton, Emma adresses her grief over losing her best friend, Chloe, in the previous book. I felt that it was sort of glossed over in Of Poseidon and it seems only normal that Emma needs to deal with this and not just ogle the manfish-candy.
Emma and Galen are cute together, but I didn't feel any of the urgency I did while reading Of Poseidon, they were just comfortable together and it lacked that spark, though I'm still a Galen fan. Even if he is a bit too protective.

Anna Banks does write a compelling story and I very much enjoyed reading this out on my balcony in the sunshine. I felt the urge to read on and find out what would happen next and even though it's been a year since I read Of Poseidon, getting back to this world felt natural and I'm eager to see what will happen in Of Neptune! I'm also pretty glad this didn't end on a cliffhanger, because seriously, my heart cannot take it.

My rating: 4 stars