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Less Than a Gentleman - Kerrelyn Sparks So confession: I've never read one of Kerrelyn Sparks' books before. I hear her adult urban fantasy/paranormal romance books are really good, but it's not really my genre so I hadn't picked it up before. But this foray into historical romance IS right up my alley!

I love the plotline of Caroline pretending to be the bride Matthais' mother sent for and then being rudely awoken in the night by said fake fiancé because she's sleeping in HIS bed. Because his mother put her there. Seriously, his mother may seem like a sweet little lady, but she's constantly plotting to get these two in a compromising situation and it was AWESOME. I laughed so hard! Though how Matthais continually failed to see her plotting ways is beyond me, he just continued to blunder into Caroline's bedroom, no matter if she'd changed bedrooms.

I liked Caroline's spirit. She's determined to take care of her family and doesn't care if she hurts herself in the process. I could understand her not really wanting to get involved with a soldier, she had a solid reason, but it's slightly unrealistic in the time she was living in to find a man who has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the war. I mean, seriously? I think pretty much EVERY man was drafted into fighting.

I did want to slap Matthais a couple of times because he keeps LYING to Caroline and the moment that she finds out how much he's been lying was pretty devastating. I actually thought she forgave him a little too easily, because for all that she's decided she won't get involved with a military man, she's awfully quick to go 'oh, well, you're not only a military man but also a spy, FINE' and that's aside from forgiving him for lying to her. I think that was my biggest problem, he's been completely dishonest with her and then POOF! all is out and forgiven. Maybe I'm just not a very nice person, but I would have made him grovel some more.

I did really like Kerrelyn Sparks' writing style and it was a pretty quick read for me. The romance was sweet and I laughed at the antics of Matthais' mother, she was fantastic! And I really loved Caroline's family!

My rating: 3 stars