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True Love - Jude Deveraux I'll admit that I'm more of a historical romance kinda girl, there's just something about the big dresses and forbidden affairs and all that, that makes my heart beat a little faster. BUT True Love by Jude Deveraux proved to me that I can just as easily love a good contemporary romance!!

I must say that, not being from the US, I'd never heard much about Nantucket before. And OMG, it sounds completely AMAZING!! I can totally understand the Nantucketers dislike of tourists, cluttering up their beautiful island, especially because they have this tight community going on. So yes, I very much fell in love with the idea of this island and all the gorgeous houses Jude Deveraux describes.

And I loved seeing it all through Alix's eyes! She's a spunky, intelligent girl and generally a good person. I liked that she was fresh out of architectural school and 26, because I can totally relate to being done with your education and holla for a heroine that's close to my age! She's a little starstruck by Jared at first, but once she gets over that I loved that she doesn't hesitate to give her own opinion, even if he is one of the greatest architects of America.
And Jared was swoonworthy! Admittedly, he was a little grouchy at first, but once he gets over that and shows his true character, I fell for him right along with Alix. They had such great chemistry and their banter was really fun to read! They had a lot in common and I actually believed their lovestory.

So I was pretty intrigued by the whole mystery about one of Jared's ancestor's and had thought that the book would be centered around finding the answers. But it actually kinda wasn't. And that's one thing I didn't like. I mean, Alix's whole reason for being on this island is that she is supposed to look for answers regarding Valentina's disappearance and she doesn't even really look for them until pretty much the last couple of chapters. She didn't seem remotely interested in this. And ok, I get that there's a sexy man around and you're designing beautiful houses and such together, but really, it was all just SO MYSTERIOUS!! I wouldn't have been able to control my curiosity.

Another thing that I liked somewhat less was that the ending felt rushed and Alix and Jared's relationship was rushed right along with it. I know there's this thing when people say when you know, you just know. But really, they've only KNOWN each other for what, two months? I wouldn't put on a wedding dress after two months.

But for the most part while reading this book I was just smiling and happily moving along in whatever direction Jude Deveraux took us with this story! And it is a beautiful story, I'm very much looking forward to the other books in the trilogy!!

Jude Deveraux combined all those things I love in a romance novel: a heroine I could root for, a manly swoonworthy hero, secondary characters to steal my heart and hold a promise for future books, witty, engaging writing and just a romance that makes me smile!

My rating: 4 stars

Made me crave: pancakes!!