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Love and Other Scandals - Caroline Linden Guys, I was really ready to read some wonderful historical romance by an author I've come to trust to deliver just that. And Caroline Linden didn't let me down this time either!

I LOVED Joan! She's spunky and trying to catch a little freedom wherever she can, while placating her mother all at the same time. I love that she's not the swooning type and is skirting the edges of respectability with some of her actions. But maybe one of the things I loved best about her is how she was terrorizing her brother! And he totally deserved it! I loved this scene, she was just being the most obnoxious female she could possibly be and it worked! As I have a brother myself, I know that they sometimes need a little push ;) Besides, it's totally fun! (Just kidding, I'm actually a very nice sister) (most of the time anyway)

Also: I totally loved the aunt that steps in when Joan's parents have to leave town because of her mother's health. She was such an amazing lady! And I loved how she truly wanted to help Joan and helped her choose more becoming gowns instead of just following the latest fashion. Because, really, not everyone can wear everything.

But you really came here to hear me talk about The Romance right? And let me tell you: it was AWESOME! Tristan and Joan had such amazing chemistry and I truly believed that they would work as a couple! And that Joan could change his mind about marriage. I loved that they bickered and had passion and that Tristan stuffed the scandalous bit of reading material down the back of Joan's dress at a ball so it wouldn't be discovered.

So the only problem I had that the trouble at the end was resolved a bit too easily. I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved the romance between them, but something that happens towards the end had such delicious potential for heartbreak and TEARS and all of the good stuff that leads to a happy ending. And if that had been played out a bit better, this book would have gotten the full five stars probably. I was truly invested in Joan and Tristan's story though.

I love when a romance novel brings both the funny and the romance, the only thing that would have made Love and Other Scandals better would have been if it had actually made me cry!

My rating: 4,5 stars

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