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How to Marry a Highlander - Katharine Ashe So you guys may know how much I LOVE Katharine Ashe's books. Because I totally do! Her historical romance ranks among my favourites and I ALWAYS pick up her newest release because they always leave me smiling.

I hadn't seen that this was actually a novella before I started it, which explained why things progressed rather quickly and parts that we'd otherwise would have seen got skipped a bit. But this didn't detract from the storyline! Though I still love full length novels more.

So I can sorta remember this scene in one of the earlier books in the series where Duncan sees Teresa and just turns and walks out. I thought this was weird at the time and am glad it was explained in this novella!
Teresa is a free spirit, her parents have picked a man for her to marry and she's not at all inclined to waste herself on this boring, pompous man. So she devises a plan that is kinda ridiculous, but so much fun to read about! I mean, seriously, if she'd been one of my friends I'd have sat her down and talked her out of it, but I'd also have gone after Duncan for her. I liked that Teresa throws everything in accomplishing what she's set out to do: get Duncan's sisters engaged and then marry Duncan herself. And getting a little kissing and sexytimes action in the process!

I could respect Duncan's reluctance to get married again, he's been through a lot and to give your heart away and risk it after that... I can understand why he wouldn't be so eager. The scenes from his POV are actually the ones that made my stomach clench the most! I mean, he's so honorable and loves his sisters and he's fighting his attraction to Teresa and GAH it was just SO GOOD! He's full-on alpha male and you know guys, sometimes I love me some testosterone.

I started this right before going to bed and read all the way through because I could not put it down. I totally love Katharine Ashe's writing style and had to do some soft sniffling because the boyfriend was already sleeping and I was still reading and CRYING over their romance! Seriously, ALL THE FEELINGS! I don't think I've ever loved a novella this much!

My rating: 5 stars

Made me crave: peanut M&M's