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Guys, it's not secret that I love mythology in YA and this series is a really good reason for why I love it so much! It has all the good stuff: gods, evil doers, awesome mythological creatures and weapons and I just love so many of the characters!

The issues that I had with Gwen in earlier books are pretty much cleared up by now, she's definitely grown as a person and is now a kickass person. Seriously. She can actually kick ass: HOORAY for her not being the damsel in distress anymore! She doesn't feel good about killing Reapers, but she does it, because she knows it's either her or them and she'd rather live another day. She's not the helpless girl she was and so much of her awkwardness has gone away, I love it! She's learning to overcome her problems with her powers and has toughened up quite a bit from when we first met her!

I was kinda sad we don't see much of Logan though, that Spartan boy really makes for some awesome scenes. He's sweet and strong and he really cares about Gwen and it was heartbreaking to see him doubt himself so much because of what happened to him in the last book with the whole being possessed by Loki thing and all. He kinda ran away because of it and I really appreciated that Gwen calls him out on it at one point. She does have a point and someone had to say it, though maybe it could have been done a little less harshly.

Also: we meet another mythological creature: gryphons and they are AWESOME! Seriously, the black rocs are totally scary, but gryphons rule. I totally love this side of the mythology and it added another something to the story. And I'm so happy Nyx is still around! That cute little furball of a Fenrir pup is so adorable! Nyx pouncing on Hello Kitty totally made me laugh!

So we learn a little more about the plans of the reapers and the gods and about Gwen's mission and it made me excited for things to come! I wonder when the epic fight will actually take place, but for now I'm good exploring this world and hanging out with all my favourite warriors, Alexei being one of my new favourites from the last book. He's just so cool!

I also think that the writing has gotten so much better over the course of the series! I love what Jennifer Estep is doing and it made for one entertaining afternoon full of action and fun.

My rating: 4,5 stars

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